Thursday, February 18, 2010

Drink & Draw II

We are delighted to announce another Drink & Draw, put together by Wayne O' Conner. Its been a while since the previous one back in Novemeber 2009. As before the club invites anyone interested in doing a sketch over a chat and a pint. A very informal evening, all is required is a sketchbook and a pencil/markers whatever takes your fancy.

Founded by Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson and Dan Panosian, the Drink & Draw Social Club was founded out of a mutual love of socializing, drinking and drawing. Drawing on napkins, menus, walls and sometimes even a sketchbook or two, this informal group huddles around the tables and booths of pubs and taverns for the unusual camradarie that it promises to bring.
The club started in America and has spread out across the country, with Drink and Draw clubs cropping up in San Diego, LA, New York, Miami and more and recently spreading to England and to Cork City.

EVENT VENUE: Furey's Bar

EVENT TIME: Tuesday 23rd @8.00pm
RSVP on our facebook page here Look forward to seeing you there